The Turnbull Government is handing Medicare to the private sector

Please watch and share this video to keep Medicare in public hands:

What's at risk?

Tony Abbott tried to sell Medicare to a private company. Now Malcolm Turnbull is finishing what he started.

Malcolm Turnbull has a $5 million Medicare privatisation taskforce - but he hasn't even come clean yet to the Australian people about what his plans are for our public health system.

Losing public control of Medicare

The Medicare database holds the bank details and private medical information of every single Australian. Privatising Medicare means that Malcolm Turnbull is handing the entire country’s medical records to a private company - who might send the records overseas. The companies that want to take this work include big banks and foreign multinationals like Serco.

Australians want Medicare to stay public hands - so that our privacy is protected, and so that our public health system stays accountable to us. Medicare outsourcing means handing over control of a system we all rely on, to a private company who are not answerable to the Australian public.

Medicare needs to stay public.

We can keep Medicare in public hands

Please watch and share the video - and ask your friends and family to sign the petition to keep Medicare in public hands.

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